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Updating Rails App Using AJAX

Updating Rails App Using AJAX

Let me show you how I added some ajax functionality to a school project. The project, called Jeff Bikes is a way from my friend Jeff, to store and search a database of bikes. (the man loves bikes)

A simple process for using jQuery and ajax in rails can look like this.

Setting Up a New Rails Project

I decided that rather than mess around with the first full-stack Rails app I had ever made, I’d restart it from scratch. Here is how I set it up.

In this post:

I will go through the steps I took to get a Rails app set up, up to the point where I actually start to code.

Who is it for?:

This if for folks who want to see the progression of a basic Rails app set up. It’s worth mentioning that there are many boilerplate ways to get to a basic set up. Rails Composer is a great one, Suspenders from thoughtbot is a bit more advanced and also awesome. I will just be walking through my process, sans any build script. It’s been a long time, I shouldn’t have left you, with a dope beat to step to…

What Is HTTP REST MVC and How Do They Relate?

I had a programming assessment recently. It was on a Rails app I had build and my assessor asked me a question. “You enter the URL in you browser and hit enter… then what happens?” At that question I was a bit tripped up. “What does this question even mean?”, I thought. I mean, I know that a http GET request gets sent to the server and a the server responds. But let’s break into that a little. ‘an http GET request gets sent’. How? ‘the server responds’ How? The same thing happened when my assessor came to this question, “The router processes the get request, then what happens?” Well, I understand the MVC architecture but, how and where is the data flowing to and from. Rails provides a bit of magic (resources) and I just used those to wire up the app. But what is resources doing?

In this blog post:

I would like to describe some common mechanisms of web development and how they relate.

Who is it for:

This post if for those who have heard the “handshake” explanation for http requests and want a bit more. It is also for those that have heard the “cafe” description of MVC design pattern. In other words, I don’t care for euphemism. This is how I best understand things. It’s for newish Web Developers who want an overview of the domain they will be building in. I will be writing this from a Rails framework perspective.

A Simple Search Feature in My Rails App.

This is how I made a simple dynamic search that will query the database for several columns.

I was building an app to serve two functions. One, to be a simple Rails assessment project for my bootcamp, two to make a cool thing for a friend at work. There is a bit of functionality that my friend requested in this CRUD app. He wants a dynamic search field. I also could not use javaScript for this because that is not what the assessment called for. This was to be ruby, rails, and erb/html only.

A Hard Lesson in Rails and Life

I have learned a lot

What I want to do with this post is go over several of the choices I made and concepts I learned while making a Rails application for a friend. This is a simple explanation post. I will be posting about other issues and pains I have had while building this thing in later posts.


For my Rails project at Learn.co I decided that I would try to create an app for someone else. There were several requirments for the assessment: * it must use Rails * a join table must possess content or other attributes * the models must have some validations * must have class level ActiveRecord scope method * must have a nested form and custom attribute writer * must have some user auth * must have facebook/twitter/github authentication * must use a nested resources * desplay validation errors * views should use helper methods and partals

Why I Learned to Program

Why did I want to learn to program?

I must create a system or be enslaved by another mans; I will not reason and compare: my business is to create.

William Blake

I love this quote so hard.

When I was a youngling, I loved science fiction. I loved math and science in general. I watched Star Trek and Star Wars. My guidance counselor told me I should be an engineer. But none of that is the reason I wanted to learn to program.

Taco Bomb! Building My First Sinatra App for the Toco's I Wish I Had.

“Scratch you own itch.”

This is a overview of creating a working sinatra app for the first time. When the opportunity to make a working web app from scratch came up I couldn’t have been more thrilled. I would get a chance to create a real thing that I had envisioned. Sweet. The first thing I did was grab a pencil and paper. I sketched out several ideas and decided nothing could be better than taco’s. Taco Bomb! Part TacoCopter, part true love of my wife’s cooking.

Learn at Least 3 Things From Each Project - My First Gem

Before I began the blog, I made a decision that I would try to learn something extra with every project that I do. One thing I learned is how to use octopress and that is why I now have this blog. I am doing a project right now for my coding bootcamp www.learn.co. This is an overview of the project. In future posts I will drill down into some of the subjects.